Every effort will be made to provide timekeepers for each debate round. Novice teams will receive priority for timekeeper assignments. If you are a first-year debater, be sure to indicate that during checkin on tournament day.

If no timekeeper is present by the time the round should begin and your judge isn't able to time, the teams will need to self time. Therefore, each team should bring their own timepiece and be prepared to time your debate round. If you have not timed your own debates this year, be sure to practice so that you are comfortable with the process by the time you get to the tournament. There is a short video on YouTube on how to do it and practice during your club meetings.

Please display the highest integrity while self-timing and confirm your timepiece settings with your opponent.

Guidelines for self-timing:
+Debaters should use a count-down timer that beeps when the time is up.
+Each debater will time his or her own speeches.
+The debater asking the questions will time cross-examination.
+Each team will time it's own prep-time and announce the time used to the judge and opposing team.